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Torbay Connected

Torbay Connected

Calling all residents to get ‘better connected’ to the Bay

Residents will now be able to make their future mark on the Bay through a pioneering project called Torbay Connected.

The project will allow local planners, developers, architects and investors to access the rich history, heritage and biodiversity of the area by including stories about people, buildings, heritage, culture and geology to new developments.

Residents are being asked to contribute as many stories as possible - even myths will be tied into the fabric of new developments and public space.

There is an interactive a map of the Bay on the Torbay Connected website with ‘pins’ which open to reveal different stories of heritage, culture and geology.

The process is really simple; residents can upload their stories to the site along with any photos and films they may have. When a developer or architect is looking at developing in the Bay they will look at the website and the locality ‘pins’, which hold the information, and may use a particular story or stories as part of the development.

Information gathered from the site will appear around the Bay in the form of plaques, artwork, bridges and signage, benches or lights some of which can be seen at Royal Terrace Gardens, Cockington and Paignton Library and Information Centre.

Torbay Council’s , Mischa Eligoloff, said: “This is such an exciting project. It gives the people of the Bay a fantastic opportunity to share their history and culture with each other and visitors.

“Residents’ stories are vital to making this project work. They will give recognition to people, buildings and places and will be embedded in the Bay for years to come.

“Visitors to the site can explore the Bay and will be amazed by the content. It will also highlight how closely connected our history and culture are and so, hopefully, will get people walking between locations finding out fascinating facts on the way - as well as being healthy!

Richard Maddock, Director of Kay Elliott, said: "Torbay Connected is an innovative project which will become an invaluable resource for built environment professional working in the Bay.

“It will greatly assist in understanding the context of new development and help ensure legibility and place making are not after thoughts. The concept is unique to Torbay and reminds us just how lucky we are to live here."

Torbay Connected has been developed by a team including planners, developers, architects and academics, all working together to make Torbay a place residents and visitors can feel proud of.

Visit and add to the Torbay Connected interactive map at www.torbayconnected/

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