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Book Launch: 'Chase One Rabbit: Strategic Marketing for Business

Book Launch: 'Chase One Rabbit: Strategic Marketing for Business

Publisher Wordscapes Ltd invites you to the official launch of this new book by David Parrish

Chase One Rabbit: Strategic Marketing for Business Success
63 Tips, Techniques and Tales for Creative Entrepreneurs

Each person attending will receive a FREE copy of the £12.95 paperback book, signed by the author David Parrish
Food and drink included in ticket price
Guests will take away practical tips about marketing for their own businesses
Business networking with local and international creative entrepreneurs
This event is part of the International Festival for Business 2014


About the book

"Marketing in minutes, on your mobile"

Chase One Rabbit combines inspirational stories and practical techniques, inspiring entrepreneurs to make their businesses even more successful by using strategic marketing.
International consultant and trainer David Parrish illustrates key strategic marketing messages by drawing on stories from his own experience as an entrepreneur and from the successes of his clients worldwide.
Smart marketing thinking doesn’t have to be expensive, flashy or quirky: it’s about understanding your business, focusing and thinking things through. Chase One Rabbit shows you how…
Each of the 63 short sections provides food for thought, suggesting practical things you can do immediately to improve your business.
Practical and progressive, it’s designed for businesses large and small – from start-ups to mature businesses – with a wealth of ideas and inspiration to dip into every day.

"If you chase two rabbits, both will escape."
- Chinese proverb

The book is designed as an eBook to read on smartphones, Kindles and other devices.
It is also available as a paperback.
Full details, reviews and links to the book on Amazon, iBooks and other retailers online here:


Published by Wordscapes Ltd

eBook for smartphones, tablets, laptops and eBook readers
£3.99 GBP / $6.99 USD / €4.99 Euros
ISBN: 978-0-9576945-3-8
Read on any phone/iPhone, tablet or laptop with the free Kindle App from Amazon
iBooks version for Apple devices from iTunes

Paperback (198 pages)
£12.95 GBP / $19.95 USD / €15.95 Euros
ISBN: 978-0-9576945-4-5
Available from Amazon

Download the eBook now. Further download options here:


What creative entrepreneurs say about the book

“both extremely useful and an entertaining read”
“David’s book inspires me to jump in to action”
“Chase one Rabbit explains the HOW more than any other marketing book I've read”
“Great to just dip into”
“hoping my competitors don't read this book”
“David's book made me look at marketing differently”
“the most consumable business book I've ever read”
“I was shouting 'yes, yes' at many of the suggestions and recommendations”
“What a useful book!”
“a truly brilliant and clever book”
“This book is my business Bible!”

Pre-publication reviews (3 of 30+ reviews)

"After 20 years of running marketing and brand communication businesses, I can honestly say 'Chase one Rabbit' is one of the best business books I've read. Written in David's signature easy no nonsense style, it gives you a huge amount of knowledge quickly and enjoyably. If you're running a business or just interested in marketing and advertising, then you should read this, it's excellent!"
Jan Peters
Founder USP

"I wish 'Chase One Rabbit' had been out 14 years ago when we started up Mocha. It's packed full of practical strategic marketing advice backed up by real anecdotes that ring so true. And it's the most consumable business book I've ever read. This is a must for all creative business owners from small start-ups to big established agencies."
Owen Cotterell, Director
Mocha Productions Ltd

"Reading 'Chase One Rabbit' could not have come at a better time for me, as I was in the process of reviewing our business strategy and could not see the wood from the trees. I have always thought of myself as a businessman, not a marketeer. I never studied marketing, and thought it was a skill set I didn’t have which should be left to the ‘experts’. David's book made me look at marketing differently - namely that strategic marketing is very much my job as Managing Director, and I’m the best person to work it out. The book’s lack of jargon, and good honest straight talking was common sense I could relate to. So I locked myself away for two days and read the book whilst making lots of notes. The key points and what to do next after each section gave rise to lots of questions. Luckily, I had all of the answers in my head but the book helped me make sense of them. I have emerged with a clear plan. I know the market I want to go after, and I know the message to tell them. David’s advice in Chase One Rabbit reinvigorated me, and gave me the confidence to take action. I’m taking control of our marketing strategy and it feels great!"
Neil Adams, Managing Director
Powerhouse Photography Ltd

30+ more reviews online here: www.chaseonerabbit.info

20+ "5-star" reviews on Amazon's review page for book


About the author

David Parrish is a management consultant, trainer and speaker who advises design, media and technology businesses in the creative and digital industries. Based in the UK, David specialises in strategic marketing and has worked in more than 30 countries around the world.
Amongst his many other professional accreditations he is a member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) in the UK and is a CIM Chartered Marketer.
He is the author of the highly-acclaimed book 'T-Shirts and Suits: A Guide to the Business of Creativity'.

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