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Dearest Jackdaw Louise Knight

Louise Knight-Richardson here! - Artist, Photographer and Maker from the South Coast of England. I take photographs of all sorts of pretty things. I like to rummage for treasure and rescue forgotten textiles. I collect buttons, vintage cameras and lace. I sew lots of little bits and pieces and own an antique mannequin called Kitty.

I set up Dearest Jackdaw as a hub for all my creative endeavours. I wanted reach out to people and share my knowledge, creations and inspire others to try new things, so I also write a blog which contains craft tutorials and arts and craft features, amongst various other ramblings. Since I started writing my blog I have also set up two small online stores.

My photographic work is available at ‘What the Jackdaw Saw’, offering a different perspective of the mundane, turning a landscape into a dreamscape, taking familiar objects out of their context and presenting the beauty of the world around us that we may otherwise pass by without a glimpse.

Handmade items are available at ‘Jackdaw Boutique’, ranging from jewellery to house décor and bags. Many of my handmade pieces contain a happy combination of both new and reclaimed materials. The beautiful thing about using reclaimed materials is not only does it help reduce unnecessary landfill, it allows many of my pieces to be one-of-a-kind and each and every little creation has a unique story hidden amongst it’s stitches. It’s the mystery and curiosity behind this idea that I am so in love with and you will often find me foraging around antique stores, junk shops and flea markets looking for unusual, vintage or forgotten textiles to give a new life to.

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