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Dacorum Arts Partnership / What's On In Dacorum

Dacorum Arts Partnership

What's On In Dacorum

Based in the Borough of Dacorum DAP is a partnership between the business, public and voluntary sectors that actively participates in creating a better quality of life for all in Dacorum.Working in partnership withDacoru.....Read more

dance artist

rachel sweeney

i am a south west dance artist, interested in interdisciplinary arts practice. my movement background is influenced by butoh and bodyweather - both japanese contemporary movement expressions, and much of my movement rese.....Read more

Dance in Devon / profile

Dance in Devon


Life in Devon is an adventure and we believe dance is the only way to ride. As a charity for happier and healthier communities, we’re here for each other every hop, skip and step of the way. We’re here for the good.....Read more

DancePlus / Mini Movers


Mini Movers

Welcome to DancePlus! DancePlus the organic creation of myself, Sarah Gaustad, and was founded in order to celebrate the firm belief I have in the innate ability of all children to be creative. The best thing about .....Read more

Danielle Rose / Live Arts Producer

Danielle Rose

Live Arts Producer

• Live Arts Producer • 10 years’ experience of working in arts organisations • Key skills – artistic programming, project management, communication, and artist liaison LinkedIn: more

Danuki Grasshopper / The world of Danuki Theatre

Danuki Grasshopper

The world of Danuki Theatre

Welcome to the World of Danuki Grasshopper. We are an experimental theatre-making ensemble working within our creative hub 'The Bohemian Balcony'. Danuki takes risks, pushes boundaries, fuses artistic disciplines and.....Read more

Danyah Miller / Storyteller

Danyah Miller


I am a theatre producer, storyteller, writer, workshop leader and mum. I'm currently touring in Wizard Presents productions’ of ‘I Believe in Unicorns’ by Michael Morpurgo, which received an Argus Angel Award for Arti.....Read more

Dark Horse Theatre / National Touring Company & Trainer of Actors

Dark Horse Theatre

National Touring Company & Trainer of Actors

Dark Horse is a national touring theatre company that premieres new writing. An ensemble of learning disabled actors feature in productions, and exceptional non learning disabled actors from the broader industry are al.....Read more

Dartington Campus (UCF)

Dartington Campus, University College Falmouth

Events at the Dartington Campus reflect the activities of a vibrant academic community of artists, who are engaged in creating new work in the fields of art, choreography, music, theatre and writing. The Gallery program.....Read more

Dartington Hall Trust

The Dartington Hall Trust

Dartington is a pionnering charity nurturing ideas to address pressing problems. Our work in the arts, social justice and sustainability dates back to 1925. The arts programme today includes a year round performance pro.....Read more

Dartmoor Railway / Dartmoor Railway

Dartmoor Railway

Dartmoor Railway

The original home of THE POLAR EXPRESS Train Ride in the South West...Read more

Dartmouth Sch of Performing Arts

Dartmouth School of Performing Arts

Joleen Milne is an accredited and ISTD/BTDA trained Dance Teacher, First Aid Trained and fully CRB checked. Joleen has consistently achieved high marks in all three disciplines of Ballet, Tap and Modern which allowed he.....Read more

David / David Houston


David Houston

David is an actor and producer director founder and artistic director of 'Drama Impact Theatre Company'. The company produces public theatre events and delivers GCSE performances and workshops into secondary education......Read more

David Boarder

David Boarder

Plays: organ, piano, harpsichord, harmonium. Conducts: Broxbourne Chorus Choir18 A10 Orchestra..Read more

David Carrett / David Carrett

David Carrett

David Carrett

A singer songwriter multi instrumentalist from Taunton. Performing award winning original songs along with a mix of country/folk/ and comedy songs...Read more

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