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Naomi Frances / Illustrator/Maker

Naomi Frances


I'm an Illustrator and maker. I draw, I printmake, I paint, I make stained glass, I bookbind......I do loads of things! Stained glass usually pretty and decorative with artwork tending towards the dark and unsettling. It.....Read more

Naomi Stannard / Fibre Artist

Naomi Stannard

Fibre Artist

I am a Fibre Artist based in the beautiful Milverton, Somerset. I use fleece and fibres from our own herds of Huyaca Alpacas and various breeds of Rare Breed Sheep, that we breed on our family run smallholding. We are kn.....Read more

Natalia Nowak / Ceramic artist exploring texture

Natalia Nowak

Ceramic artist exploring texture

I studied BA Jewellery and Accessories at Middlesex University where I found myself fall in love with clays various tactile stages and the serenity of the ceramics workshop in contrast to the loud, fiery jewellery worksh.....Read more

Natasha Rehman / The Making Hut

Natasha Rehman

The Making Hut

I am a self employed illustrative artist that specialises in modern portraiture and colourful prints and paintings. I have been working in Hertfordshire and nationally as a Community Artist for 10 years. My communi.....Read more

nayartist / Steve Nayar


Steve Nayar

My work focuses on the plight of animals facing extinction in the wild. Each large, same-size, canvas features the close-up face of an animal staring straight out at the viewer. In effect, I am painting a ‘death row’ of.....Read more

neil and cazy arts / neil and cazy arts

neil and cazy arts

neil and cazy arts

Devon based artist painting in water colour and mixed media and jewellry maker painting figurative and nature inspired works of art our jewellry range uses beautifull devon sea glass and semi precious stones visit our we.....Read more

Neil Clarke / Photography and Film

Neil Clarke

Photography and Film

Neil is an accomplished local photographer with work all over the world especially since making the film " Starlings On The Levels" which is nearing sales of 1000 copies to date. Originally trained in all aspects of 16m.....Read more

Neil Wilkinson-Cave / Artist

Neil Wilkinson-Cave


Artist specialising in murals and large scale artwork, and illustration, using traditional media and digital artwork. Company Name: Sacredart Murals..Read more

Neville Cox / Artist

Neville Cox


I am primarily a landscape artist working in Somerset. I love to go out in all type of weather to gather material and ideas for my paintings...Read more

nichaela13 / Illustrator



Illustration student at university of herts...Read more

Nicholas Bellamy / Sculptor

Nicholas Bellamy


My ceramic sculptures are a personal and artistic interpretation into the hidden and subconscious world of human emotions. I create dark, flowing and twisting forms, structures that explore then reveal the positive and n.....Read more

Nicholas Esch / Artist and Portrait Painter

Nicholas Esch

Artist and Portrait Painter

Nick Esch - Fine Artist Following a more formal formal art training at Chelsea Art school and Heatherley's, I did an apprenticeship in restoration of fine painted antiques, in particular Chinese and Japanese lacquer, .....Read more

Nick Bain / Art

Nick Bain


Acrylic Artist, best described as a Naïve Impressionist. Colourful and simple artwork...Read more

Nicola Bourne / Creative Writing Workshops

Nicola Bourne

Creative Writing Workshops

I am a published author of creative fiction and non-fiction work, including the book 'The Fabulous Woman's Guide Through Cancer', copywriting, articles and guest blog posts. I hold a First class honours degree in Creati.....Read more


Artist and Teacher

Creative soul, passionate about building communities and making art. Fabric artist and creative events manager...Read more

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