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Ian O'Halloran / Artist Printmaker

Ian O'Halloran

Artist Printmaker

I am an artist - painter and printmaker- inspired by the landscape and I'm particularly drawn to ancient places that show marks and signs of earlier cultures (standing stones, hill figures, dew ponds and track ways) and.....Read more

Ian Sinclair

Ian Sinclair - Artist.....Shmartist

Ian. Grew up in St Ives. Consequently constantly asking myself 'WTF IS ART'? Ended up in cartographic draughtmanship. Computers happened. Now i am trying to have fun with materials and techniques - 1. Because it is so mu.....Read more

Inka Lights

Inka Lights, Glass artist

Inka Gabriel's contemporary lights are inspired by the calm and natural beauty of the South Devon Coastline where she lives. Her lights are kept in white glass with clear simple lines with the inclusion of manmade and na.....Read more

Isabel Coulton / Isabel Coulton Sculptor/Wood carver

Isabel Coulton

Isabel Coulton Sculptor/Wood carver

Trained in woodcarving, I am now delving into the sculptural world, playing with new mediums and techniques. I am also exploring printmaking which works along side my sculpture. more to come.....Read more

It's Bags of Fun / knitter

It's Bags of Fun


I make hand knitted and felted bags, bowls, vases, flowers and anything else that can be knitted and felted! I also knit and crochet toys household items and accessories...Read more

Iver Klingenberg / Artist

Iver Klingenberg


My name is Iver Klingenberg. I am Danish, born in 1946, moving to England in 1967. I am self-taught and began painting seriously in 1980. My first one man exhibition was in Torrington, North Devon, a year later. Subseque.....Read more