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alicebradshaw / Alice Bradshaw


Alice Bradshaw

Alice Bradshaw is an artist, curator, researcher and writer based in West Yorkshire, UK. She works with a wide range of media and processes involving the manipulation of everyday objects and materials. Mass-produced, ano.....Read more

AliceTKirk / Art



Hello..Read more

Alicia's jewellery

Conceptual and Contemporary Jewellery

I am currently studying in my second year of an Integrated Crafts Degree at South Devon College, I specialise in metal but throw in a hefty amount of slip-cast ceramics into my work. I intend to go on to complete my Ba h.....Read more

Alison / Art Consultant


Art Consultant

I am an art consultant and promoter, working with a number of organisatioins throughout the Yorkshire region, including Dean Clough Halifax and local council initiatives. I run creative marketing agency Bulb which offe.....Read more

Alison Bowman

Alison Bowman - Artist

I have been painting since I was a child but the only formal training that I have had is an A in O Level Art (does anyone remember what that is?) and evening classes. I have sold a number of paintings and have received m.....Read more

Alison Coals / Artist

Alison Coals


I create images and three-dimensional pieces using mixed media. My recent work has been inspired by the Glastonbury landscape zodiac and The Alchemical Journey, a series of workshops run in Glastonbury throughout the ye.....Read more

Alison Cosserat / The Old Brick Workshop

Alison Cosserat

The Old Brick Workshop

The Old Brick Workshop is a vibrant space for creative industries in Wellington. It houses nine artist's studios, a community space and now a contemporary art gallery. The building is found on a small rural industrial e.....Read more

Alison Crowe / Silversmith

Alison Crowe


Self-employed designer/maker of silver jewellery...Read more

Alison Jacobs

Alison Jacobs

Painter trying to capture the allure of the South West Coast. Starting a quest to paint from Steart in Somerset to Steart Farm in Devon. Have been painting farm animals and landscapes full time for the last 5 years an.....Read more

Alison Jacobs / Artist

Alison Jacobs


Fine Artist working in paint and pixels! Enjoy creating worlds out of recycled materials. I'm passionate about Art, the environment and all things Somerset...Read more

Alison Macfarlane

St Albans Folk Music

Musician playing traditional folk music on melodeon, whistle and ango concertina Member of ceilidh band All Hands Around Organiser of New Roots, annual event for young folk and roots musicians Chair of group organisin.....Read more

Alison Sandford / Actor

Alison Sandford


Currently working with Claque Theatre on the Community play for Hartfield, and with CREATE, Tunbridge Wells...Read more

Alison Veazey / Printmaker

Alison Veazey


Printmaking and mixed media works inspired by landscape and architecture..Read more

ALISON WEST / Alison West Ceramics


Alison West Ceramics

Pocelain Saggar Fired Vessels My pots are saggar-fired hand-thrown porcelain. I produce saggar-fired unglazed forms. The saggar is a container in which pots are buried in organic and volatile materials and fired in .....Read more

Alive and Singing Pop Choir / What are you waiting for? Come and Find YOUR Voice!

Alive and Singing Pop Choir

What are you waiting for? Come and Find YOUR Voice!

Alive and Singing is a group of all-inclusive adult Rock and Pop choirs across Herts, Beds and Bucks formed by like-minded people and directed by the very talented and charismatic Jamie Serafi. The choirs have grown to o.....Read more

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