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K Appleseed..

Appleseed Images and Jewellery.

Having retired early due to ill health my time is now filled with creating beautiful images and pieces of unique jewellery. To see more of my jewellery please see Appleseed Jewellery on Creative Torbay here's a link h.....Read more

k chadwick

Chocolate box paintings (Devon)

chocolate box pictures of devon. Painted by local resident through a charity. Personal collection images of cockington and beach generic scenes. Abstracts also...Read more

K Charles / Director of Shotgun PR & Media

K Charles

Director of Shotgun PR & Media

The ability to tell a good story can get you noticed. Knowing where to share that story will. This is where my agency can help. The media, whether print, online, broadcast or social, are at the heart of most effect.....Read more

K. M. Lockwood / Writer

K. M. Lockwood


I am a writer, book reviewer, blogger - and keeper of a writer-friendly B&B in West Wittering. I volunteer for SCBWI [Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators] and I am working with The Golden Egg Academy on .....Read more

Kaleider / Kaleider



We work with all sorts of people to design, produce and promote live experiences...Read more

Kaleido Arts

Kaleido Arts - the S.W. disability and Deaf artists' website

Kaleido Arts is one of the only arts organisations in the South West region run by a Board made up of 85% Deaf and disabled people. The Kaleido Arts website and e bulletins are a key source of information for amateur or .....Read more

Kaleidoscope Enterprise Ltd / profile

Kaleidoscope Enterprise Ltd


Kaleidoscope Enterprise Ltd has been a membership-based, registered charity and limited company. The Charity offers support to and raising awareness of community groups, particularly in Equality concerning race, ethni.....Read more

Kaleidoscope Life / Judi Design

Kaleidoscope Life

Judi Design

I have been painting for as long as I can remember. My parents were always supportive, my father was skilful at calligraphy. I don't stick to one style of artistic expression, I like extending my ability by trying diff.....Read more



Church organisation..Read more

Karen Barrow / SingStyle

Karen Barrow


I've been a professional singer/songwriter for over 10 years. I have toured extensively playing in some of the best venues in the world including The Royal Albert Hall and have sung alongside some incredible artists inc.....Read more




Established in 1991, we are a friendly & successful dancing school, specialising in Tap, Ballet, Theatre Craft, Freestyle Jazz and Adult Tap Dancing. We perform our shows at ‘The Playhouse, Harlow’ and The Rhode Theatre.....Read more

Karen Davies Stained Glass / Karen Davies Stained Glass

Karen Davies Stained Glass

Karen Davies Stained Glass

I live and work in rural Hertfordshire and the surrounding countryside is a huge influence on my work. My business, designing and making stained glass, began about sixteen years ago when I took a course to learn how t.....Read more

Karen Dunton

Karen Dunton

Born in Devon I studied Art & Design at North Devon College specializing in 3D Design, following this I went to CCTA in Carmarthen to study Sculpture. My main areas of work are art and craft, I love to paint but also .....Read more

Karen Howarth Ceramics / Ceramic Artist

Karen Howarth Ceramics

Ceramic Artist

I make handmade ceramic wall pieces and tiles which explore an ongoing interest in mark-making and texture. Inspiration is drawn from the natural and man-made landscape. Working directly onto the clay the surface is dev.....Read more

Karen Lorenz

Karen Lorenz, artist

Life drawing is an important and fundamental aspect of my work, one that continues to occupy me, and which informs in one way or another my practice. I work with installations, drawings, video, animations, and sculptures.....Read more

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