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Exciting opportunity for theatre makers

Exciting opportunity for theatre makers

The next two seasons of Doorstep Theatre will run 9-12 April and during mid October 2015. We are looking for Torbay-based theatre makers, dancers and musicians who have exciting new work they'd like to develop for performance.

Proposals now being accepted for new SCRATCH shows for the April and October 2015 dates. This is:
• A chance to try out new original performance material for an audience
• A chance to perform alongside other local artists and national touring shows
• Limited subsidy to reimburse travel costs and some production needs

SCRATCH proposals (due Monday 1st December 2014) must:

1. Include the Scratch Application form with all relevant sections completed. Download the form here -

2. An image/photo which can be used for publicity (you must have the rights to these images, i.e. original photos or artwork). Images should be at least 500x500 dpi and higher resolution is preferred. Up to 3 photos will be accepted.

What is a SCRATCH performance?
An inclusive process of developing theatre that involves the audience from the onset.
Developed twelve years ago, by Battersea Arts Centre, SCRATCH is a process of testing ideas that embraces experimentation and learning. In a practical sense this means artists sharing in-development-work with an audience, who then help enrich the work through their immediate response, feedback and sometimes direct involvement. Co-productions that develop through SCRATCH can go on to become part of the BAC touring programme.

Successful applicants will demonstrate artistic excellence, an understanding of the region and audiences, and have flexible production needs for non-theatre spaces.

What are we looking for the next 2 seasons in 2015?
• Original performances which are suitable for a range of audiences – both full length shows and short curtain raisers of a professional standard.

The deadline for SCRATCH applications is Monday 1st December at 5 PM. All applications should be submitted online to

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