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Falding's Fandangos specialises in all things event! We cover everything ourselves without the need to outsource. Falding's Fandangos provides an exciting and experimental approach to having a good time!

CALLING ALL ARTY PEOPLE; Weather you work in bars, stage management, an event steward, a dancer, circus performer or any other art based job! Send us an email to the address at the bottom of this section asking for a 'Person Info Form' so that we can add you to our database for any future work!

Event Management; Event management services for any eventuality, small or large. Can offer support to add to your already established team or hire in all staff to run your function. We can work with you before your events to ensure they run smoothly and exactly how you want. Heavy experience in weddings, festivals and theatrical performances.

Entertainment, Stage Management and Show Production; We can provide all types of entertainment. Weather its organising a whole day of performances or just needing entertainment for a small party. All highest end professional performances available. From a 3-story high tight-rope walk, to golden stage girls, to parade management, to entertaining old ladies on their zimmer-frames. Also able to offer stage special effects. Something for all budgets. We have lots of experience stage managing and producing professional shows. Please ask for our most recent reference covering the summer season of 2014.

Circus; With a very strong background in Circus performance, we can arrange and deliver a one man street show all the way up to a whole 2 hour long circus performance underneath a beautiful big top! With access to some of the UK's finest circus musicians and their handmade sound systems, we can simply take your breath away, you can even be the ring master...

Festivals; After years of unhealthy obsessions of attending festivals and in recent years running areas at some of the UK's finest, we are happy to help run your own now. We know what works, we know what is popular and we know where the busy areas will be. Please get in touch so we can help you organise your festival or area from start to finish.

Marquee and Venue Hire; We can arrange metal frame marquees, usually the type that you would hold weddings in. Also traditional marquees (fabric, poles and ropes!). We also offer a much cheaper alternative – Star marquees, these new marquees are easy up, incredibly attractive, very spacious and perfect for outdoor events where shade/rain protection is needed. We are the proud owners of a 15x9m Indian Traditional Marquee, it's gorgeous!

The Ra-Bar And portable Bars; The Ra-Bar is a specialist portable event bar that is designed to cause a scene at any event! Brilliant for themed events as the area can be decorated to match your theme but more importantly, the bar staff all come in character and costume to compliment your style or theme. The Ra-Bar can be as big or small as needed, could come in a small pagoda style area or a huge marquee. Can also offer pre-paid bars for events. Two options for the Ra-Bar;
• We provide everything. The area, the stock, the staff and the atmosphere
• We just provide the area and staff but sell your stock
Either way, get in touch and we can arrange licensing and any sort of bar for your event.

Hospitality; Catering and drinks packages provided for anything from a pig-roast at a village fete, to a buffet for a product launch or high end three-course meals for VIP areas at a football match.

Staffing; Events can often require a lot of staffing. We work with the same people time after time, because we know how good they are. Weather you need a team of cocktail spinners, some fine dining waiters or just some ground staff for crowd control, we use the teams we have built and worked with and know do the job well.

For enquires and further information, please contact Tom on 07967217525 or email info@faldingsfandangos.co.uk

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