Harbour House / Events / Tue 08 to Sun 13 Jun 2021 (6 days)

Regain'd: drawing, painting, analogue photography by Emma Hambly

Regain'd: drawing, painting, analogue photography by Emma Hambly

Having worked as a marine biologist prior to studying painting, Emma’s work is embedded in the natural environment with particular interests in light, photosynthesis and plants. In this body of work she considers the complexity of the earth in an effort to refind an eden in our time, and the title refers to John Milton’s poem, with its call for peaceful love and joyful determination to effect a constructive repair of the mistakes of the past, winning by creative conquest what man has lost by fallacy. The works are largely informed and inspired by the garden at Overbeck’s in Salcombe and the wilds of the surrounding coast.

Many of Emma’s photographs were taken on her mother’s old camera using aged rolls of film.
"The softening of the film, as a result of temporal deterioration of the chemistry, works towards my thoughts on nostalgia and memory which they are about."

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