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Marking the Land: Westwards

Marking the Land: Westwards

The south Devon landscape is the arena for creative collaboration by three related women artists: mother, daughter and cousin. Working in different media and materials, Rafaele Appleby, Bethany Murray and Frances Murray each follow a personal path, exploring old and new connections to this part of the landscape.

Opening view: Opening View: Friday 31 May, 6 - 8 pm

Bethany Murray is an artist who works with photography, video and painting. In this exhibition her practice takes a leap with a range of techniques including charcoal, paint, photography and video to mark the land where her daily life is. She studied at Dartington College of Arts and recently returned to the area as a mother.

Frances Murray is a printmaker working in East London. Her maternal ancestors, the Bellamys from Plymouth and Yealmpton, documented the natural history of the South Hams in the 19th century. In this exhibition she marks the landscape with her map from ancestral drawing and writing to explore her own internal journey.

Rafaele Appleby is a painter who is interested in the role of the mother in art. As a long time spontaneous educator she feels it is time to embrace the creativity of young children as an integral part of the creative process. Through colour, adventure and mark-making with three generations present she explores how the circle can rediscover place. She is based in Cumbria where the views from her studio on Hadrian’s Wall are open and life runs at a gentle pace.

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