Holmfirth Artweek

Holmfirth Artweek / Opportunities / Sat 30 Apr 2016

Holmfirth Artweek 2016 - apply in April to exhibit

Holmfirth Artweek 2016 - apply in April to exhibit

Applications to exhibit in the 50th Holmfirth Artweek are accepted from Fri 1 Apr - to Sat 30 April - go to www.holmfirthartweek.org.uk and click "The Exhibition" > "Apply for 2016".

All professional and amateur artists can a apply - there is no selection process but a draw will be held if the number of applications exceeds the space available.

All applications are online only - we can no longer accept submissions by post.

For more information visit http://holmfirthartweek.org.uk/

Opportunity Location

Holmfirth Civic Hall

Huddersfield Rd

Telephone: 01484 689 464
Email: info@holmfirthartweek.org.uk
Website: http://holmfirthartweek.org.uk/

Opportunity Details


Visual Arts

Opportunity Types