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Ian Royce Chamberlain lives on a farm in South Devon. He is part of Moor Poets, the Dartmoor-based writers' collective. He also works in collaboration with visual artists in the ongoing series of Poets & Painters projects. And as 'Ian Royce' he is an established figure on the Southwest performance poetry scene.
With his new collection, Stumble Into Grace, he aims to connect with people who are not regular readers of poetry. A poem, Ian says, is a form of communication. And if the meaning does not come across or if a poem is too dense to be readily appreciated, then the communication has failed.
Stumble Into Grace will be available from Wylde Publications in October 2012. Order it by email < ianroyce@btinternet.com > or quoting ISBN 978 0 9545474 1 7 from local bookshops.

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