My work is focused on wildlife, primarily using charcoal or watercolour. I use a fresh expressive style to create works that communicate a connection to the character and energy of the subject.
I have always been passionate about the natural world.

I find observing the animal in its natural habitat greatly aids with my art, making quick loose sketches, recording the animal’s movement, light shadows, how the animal will feed and interact with its environment, making anatomical notes, and noting the impact of changing weather systems.

This information is then distilled and translated into a series of thumbnails which are a key tool in working towards a composition, and to determine the fundamental shapes of light and dark.
For the final artwork I will generally establish the larger shadow shapes on the paper first, these help map out the composition, I then overlay loose expressive marks to pick out the form and connect the areas of shadow and light.

I aspire to instil the sense of place I felt whilst observing the animal in its environment. Referring to my notes and sketches helps in channelling those memories into the final finished piece.
When working with charcoal I work fast, the speed of the process suits my style and helps to evoke a sense of movement and energy within the piece.

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