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Joanna Scott / Opportunities / Wed 31 Dec 2014

Calling all professional creative freelancers in Herts

Calling all professional creative freelancers in Herts

Creative freelancing is a unique way of working and has immense benefits. But many of us do miss out on those water cooler moments, Christmas parties with colleagues or just general chat during the day.

So I've created a social group for professional freelancers based in Herts and London. It is based on Facebook at the moment but may expand to a formal website if theres a need for it.

Its free to join up and and as the membership grows we will arrange meet ups and events for us freelancers to attend together. Primarily its a group for socialising but work collaboration and opportunities might follow in the future.

If you are a professional freelance illustrator, curator, musician, scientist, writer, filmmaker, actor or theatre in education provider ...or any other professional creative endeavour here is the link to the group, its a closed group currently, just ask to join and we can have some fun!

Look forward to meeting you!
Joanna Scott.

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