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Katheryn Eliane Hope / News / Wed 10 Feb 2016

Discovery Coaching Sessions

Discovery Coaching Sessions

Coaching is a practical way of finding ways to fulfill your potential and make things happen even when you're feeling stuck. Coaching helps you explore your current life in relation to where you’d like to be, clarify your goals and develop skills to reach them. It encourages you to think for yourself, helping you to discover and draw out your personal gifts, talents and aspirations in a clear way. When you start the coaching journey you are investing in yourself and the seeds of your fullest potential. A session generally lasts around an hour and it is up to you how many you then commit to, but 6 sessions is a good starting point. Coaching can help you to plan and carry out your creative aspirations with ongoing support to help you stay on track. To help you decide if coaching is for you, The Seed Coach is offering free Discovery sessions when you can meet your potential coach and see if you are a match and can work together. To book your free slot contact Katheryn Eliane Hope on 01647 441235 or go to the website.

For more information visit http://www.theseedcoach.com/

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