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Lawrence Batley Theatre / Events / Sat 31 Oct 2020

Smack and Spektakel

Smack and Spektakel

SMACK & Spektakel offers an adventurous double bill of dance, perpetuating and refreshing the commentary on the empowered female body, while questioning the relationship between performance and identity.

SMACK presents a dialogue between the digital camcorder and the female body. A multimedia performance that positions the influence of pop culture on the individual and explores physical agency through common memories of 90’s youth.

To the backdrop of iconic music, Spektakel forcefully celebrates the imaginative and the playful, while questioning a culture where identity seems increasingly performed, relationships staged and life a theatre of the absurd.

We have implemented a range of extra safety measures to keep you safe during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. You can read a copy of these safety measures on our website. Performances taking place indoors are subject to the latest government guidance.

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