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Luke Shepherd- Portrait Sculptor / News / Fri 04 Jan 2019

Portrait Sculpture Commission by Royal Devon & Exeter NHS Trust

Portrait Sculpture Commission by Royal Devon & Exeter NHS Trust

Mr Ling to have his portrait in bronze commissioned by the Orthopedic Unit at the Royal Royal Devon & Exeter NHS Trust

Sculptor Luke Shepherd states " It was aa honour to meet his family and be chosen for this undertaking."

The unveiling will be in spring 2019.

Robin Sydney Mackwood Ling, OBE (7 September 1927 – 9 October 2017) was an English surgeon who invented the Exeter hip system, a hip replacement. As an orthopaedic surgeon at the Princess Elizabeth orthopaedic hospital, Exeter, he co-operated with an engineer, Dr. Clive Lee from the University of Exeter, to develop a new hip replacement. Their work led to improved quality of life for millions of people.[1]

Ling came from a medical family in Yorkshire, England. He studied medicine in Oxford and London. Becoming a consultant in orthopaedic surgery in Exeter, he performed the first 'Exeter-stem' hip replacement in 1970. His research and observations on the initial operations have resulted in the Exeter hip stem changing from a shiny stem, to matte stem and then back to shiny, with a further change to modular design and being the most popular hip implant in the United Kingdom.

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