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Luke Shepherd- Portrait Sculptor / News / Fri 04 Jan 2019

Sculpture Courses 2019

Sculpture Courses 2019

Figurative Sculpture is back in vogue.

After many years of self-referential conceptual art leading the way - a survey has just been commissioned to find out what people really like.
Could it be that traditional values are returning?

Luke Shepherd runs Master Classes in Portrait Sculpture from Hannah's at Seale Hayne. Last year all his 4-day courses were fully booked with students eager to understand the language of sculpture.

Hannah's is also home to a lively group of stone carvers called Sculptworks, who keep a traditional approach very much alive.

Luke says "Participants on my courses want real knowledge about sculpture. How to close the gap between what they see and what they can make. I see less and less people interested in cerebral ideas and more with a thirst for getting their hands dirty!"

"Perhaps it's that we all rely so much on a technology that we haven't a clue how it really works or affects us. Something as direct as sculpture returns us to primary concerns about material, form and space. In other words... it is tactile and about the very stuff we are made of!"

The schedule for 2019 Portrait Modelling Workshops have just been released and can be seen on Luke's website.


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