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Natalie Elder Maker/Artist in Glass, Ceramics, Metals

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Currently, I am creating a range of functional kiln-formed glassware with real foliage fused within the glass leaving ghostly pale white ash carbon images of the leaves after the kiln-forming process. Ideal as gifts, the range consists of small decorations, tiles, coasters, platters, dishes, bowls and medium to larger framed items. I have taken on and completed commissions inspired by the range I have begun to make. I am also collaborating with a local cabinet maker, Nick Gant, on the glass inlays and elements to a range of finely crafted jewellery boxes to casket boxes.

Previous to the glassware range, I assisted Richenda MacGregor with some of her courses at The Potting Shed, in Ashprington just outside of Totnes, Devon. I experimented with ceramics, enjoying the immediacy of forming small bowl-like items. Richenda taught me clay-winning: taking mud from small local clay seams and processing it into workable clay by hand. This whole process inspired an ephemeral installation for High Heathercombe Sculpture Trail 2010 which lasted a month, celebrating the transient nature of unfired clay by allowing the natural elements to erode and weather the clay pieces back into the earth.

In the past, I utilised bottle glass, metal, ceramic and found items to produce artwork as a commentary of our lifestyle. I graduated from college and studied up to completion of a Masters in Glass with ideas for a possible PhD. Art, craft and design education seemed to focus strongly on concept, so I was encouraged to make sculpture with idea and philosophy as inherent as the materials I used. A large body of work, resultant from my education, used locally sourced waste glass, as a material, from nearby businesses that couldn’t recycle due to expense. Consumerism and environment were important themes for me and still are.

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