OneHutFull Inspiring hill farming into the future

Sheep on Exeter Cathedral Green!

On 19-21 February, a flock of Dartmoor sheep will be gracing the grounds of Exeter Cathedral.  They will be accompanied by a very special shepherd’s hut.  The occasion is the launch of OneHutFull – an inspired project  that celebrates  the rich traditions of farming on Dartmoor. 

The project, supported by a grant of £36,300 awarded by the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF), is led by the Whiteface Dartmoor Sheep Breeders Association

The  Whiteface Dartmoor Sheep is an ancient traditional breed of hill sheep.  They, like hill farming on Dartmoor, face a very uncertain future.  One Hut Full tackles this full on. We invite you to come and visit the hut for a multi sensory journey immersing you in the world of hill farming on Dartmoor.

There's plenty to get involved with: meet the sheep, listen to the music and stories of Dartmoor, sample delicious lamb, get crafty on the children's table, look out for the stilt-walker, and be inspired by talented artisans.

Paula Wolton, project leader, says “OneHutFull aims not just to help people understand just how precious hill farming is on Dartmoor, but to inspire the start up of new enterprises and businesses that will help to ensure a healthy future for the farmers and their animals.”

Andy Visser, sound and visual artist, says “The moors and farms of Dartmoor are truly amazing. My involvement with this project has opened my eyes to the richness of this world. I hope that the shepherd hut will do the same for many others. It is such an important part of Devon – we must do what we can to ensure it survives and thrives.”

Revd Dr Jonathan Draper, Dean of Exeter Cathedral, says “Wool forges a strong link between Exeter and Dartmoor, both depending and flourishing on its production and trade in past times.  It is therefore very apt that OneHutFull should be launched at Exeter Cathedral.  Like the cathedral, hill farming on Dartmoor is a very important part of Devon’s heritage.  We are delighted to support One Hut Full.”

12.30-4pm Thursday 19 February
11.00-4pm Friday 20 & Saturday 20 February

Contact: Paula Wolton
01837 810416 / 07817 266023

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Launching Exeter Cathedral 19-21 Feb 2015

Exeter Cathedral

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