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Peter Stride
I am a self taught contemporary sculptor living in Torbay. I work mainly with ceramics, particularly Raku and wood fired techniques. I make individual pieces from a few inches tall to life size, working from life models ,using my rotating models table to view and photograph in the round. Both the Raku and wood firing techniques offer the opportunity to achieve interesting surface textures and effects.

I am a member of the Westcountry Potters Association and have exhibited , demonstrated and taught at various venues in the southwest/east and am happy to give advice.

My work ranges from conventional pottery, figurative and abstract sculpture.Each sculpture is completely unique. I also make mixed media pieces which have been exhibited in TRAIL in Teignmouth ,Occombe Farm and the Ariel Centre Totnes.
I recently exhibited in the Chapel Gallery, Saltram House and at the TRAIL exhibition Teignmouth.

For some six years I’ve been trying to bring a ceramic festival to Torbay , with the help of Torbay Development Agency we had our own ceramic festival on 10th & 11th May 2013 at Cockington Court ,Torquay.

I work mainly in clay of all types from terracotta to porcelain, making my own body mix including paper clay. I incorporate different materials such as sawdust, crushed brick, sand, etc .to achieve different surface textures. I also mix my own glazes so as not to be limited by the commercial range. The work is fired to1000c. The Raku pieces are removed from the kiln at this temperature and sprayed with water and buried in sawdust to give different glaze effects.

The woodfired work is fired in my 40cu.ft .woodfired kiln., then smoked in a fire for the random smoke effect, sealed with a water proofing liquid and wax polished.
I have designed and built various gas and wood fired kilns, my latest being the 40 cu. ft. woodfired kiln in which I can fire 4 life size figurative sculptures.
I occasionally work in other mediums and mixed media pieces. Particularly rustic wood thrones.

I undertake commissions, demonstrations, teaching and am happy to give advice when asked. I am a member of Westcountry Potters Association, my work can be seen on their web site and in the May 2006 edition of the Devon Life magazine. I have exhibited in various venues in the S.W. and S.E. My work is in several personal collections world wide.

Interested in kiln building and firing if you need help, particularly wood firing.
See a short extract of 2009 Wearable art show on

Please take a look on , for more work
I have more pictures on my Facebook page :-
See my images for my artist impression for an art / sailing centre at Broadsands.

Responding to a call for help from Elisabeth Hadley I have spent several weeks modelling as an old fisherman for a maquette for “Man and Boy” aka "Fish Storm " .I am also modelling for the young fisherman , Elisabeth will add the face of a younger man.
The project is for a 9 foot tall bronze statue based upon the drawing of Brixham artist Arthur Briscoe and executed by Elizabeth Hadley, the Brixham Sculptor.
The statue will provide a focal point for people to remember fisherman lost at sea or whose ashes were scattered at sea.
See the work in progress pictures on this page and on Elisabeth's page.
Elisabeth is a delight to work with, well worth the discomfort of modelling.
Elisabeth and the maquette were featured in the TV programme " Fish Town ".

We are now close to finishing the larger than lifesize figures in clay, we then have to make moulds to enable the foundry to make the bronze casting.

Raku - is a Japanese word freely interpreted as "enjoyment". It was an ideograph engraved on a gold seal and given by the emperor HIDEYOSHI in 1598 to CHOJIRO who produced wares of refined simplicity for the Zen Buddhist Tea Ceremony.
Raku thereby became his family title. Chojiro is credited with being the first to produce low-fired glazed pottery by a direct process which involved putting pots into and taking them out of a red hot kiln. In Japan the ware was chiefly used for the tea ceremony. Raku glazes melt at 900c long tongs and mittens are used to remove the piece from thr kiln at that temperature and then treated in different ways :-
Reduction - Cooling with sprinkled water gives areas of small crackle,burying in sawdust alters colours and creates lustres.
Oxidation - Allowing the pot to be amply supplied with oxygen, which causes the metals in the clay and glazes to give their oxide colours.
I exhibited three life size torsos at Delamore's 10th anniversary exhibition which ran throughout May 2012.
I'm exhibiting at Cockington Court from 8th March to 21st March along with other Torbay Action for Art - TAA artists.
I'm delighted to say that my Sculpture for the 10th Anniversary of TRAIL received the Artist award prize.
Peter Stride

Peter Stride
01803 844847 0772 4762507
Westwards, Hookhills Road,
Churston, Paignton,
Devon, TQ4 7NH

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Westwards, Hookhills Road, Churston, Paignton, Devon. TQ4 7NH

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