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&Piano 2019 Event 3 - Instrumental Evening

&Piano 2019 Event 3 - Instrumental Evening

For our last event on Saturday 21st September, we finish the festival with our evening of instrumental music, & we're really excited to present two instruments that don't often get much attention as solo instruments, performed by two musicians who both grew up in Huddersfield, both recently finishing their studies at music colleges down in London.

Sam Barber will showcase the warm, rich sound of the trombone, offering a selection of interesting music written for the instrument - it wasn't really considered as a solo instrument until the 19th century, so much of it's repertoire has been adapted from other instruments or has been written more recently.

Finally, we welcome Tom Broadbent to perform on the often over-shadowed member of the string family, the Viola. The Viola is a slightly bigger version of the Violin, & as a result can produce a deeper tone than it's smaller, more popular relative, which results in it being well suited to playing 'in the middle' - the harmonies - of an orchestra or ensemble. But recently, more & more composers have been championing the instrument, & it has been gradually developing a reputation as a great solo instrument in its own right. Tom will perform one of the most famous and beautiful sonatas written for the instrument in the 20th Century, by Rebecca Clarke, herself a violist.

It could well be a first that trombone & viola have been paired up in the same concert, so come along to experience a slightly unique evening!

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The Civic, Slaithwaite

15A New Street

Email: andpianofestival@gmail.com
Website: https://www.tickettailor.com/events/piano/280348/

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