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Christmas Gifts for next to nothing or even for nothing at all.

Christmas is stealthily creeping up on us once again, rather like a boy racer in the rear view mirror. It is, however, good to see that far more people are getting and using electronic readers like the Kindle or the Nook. There still remains the problem though; what to put on them to read?

Hopefully this will help. With money at a premium for everyone these days I have lowered the price of all of my books to just £0.99.

Yes, you can now buy a copy of any of the books for just under a pound and have it sent almost instantly to most electronic readers. If £0.99 is still too much then don't forget that belonging to Amazon Prime doesn't just mean better delivery options or videos to watch. It also means that you can read my books on-line or borrow them for FREE.

I didn't believe it either at first but yes, you can get free books to read or borrow just like a library. Now that is a deal that is going to be very hard to beat!

They all can be found tucked away on the Amazon Kindle site at:-


For readers who enjoy sexy supernatural thrillers there are the first two books in the “Sword of Lucifer” series. These are respectively Found – Book 1 and its sequel Hidden – Book 2.

In a dystopian future these trace the effects on the country when two near irresistible forces collide. The first is a corrupt, right-wing politician who wishes to obtain absolute power and is using the scapegoat of the disabled being an unaffordable drain on public finances to whip up public support. The second force is the Sword given to the Arch Angel Lucifer before the fall to assist in the Creation.

Against them are ranged two couples, Mark Hobson– a private detective and his partner Lilith and then Martin Green and his wife Marge. At the conclusion of Found Lilith discovers she is pregnant and the child passes into the care of Martin and Marge some ten years later at the start of Hidden as it is too dangerous for him to remain in the company of his birth parents when people begin to fight back against the repressive State Security Forces. One assassination attempt on him has already failed but those can be expected to increase as his youthful use of the growing ability to perform miracles becomes more and more noticeable.

The next couplet of books which are to become a trilogy are Lynker and Fyxer, books 1 and 2 in the Stonehaven Series. Both are young adult to adult reading.

These are set in and around the fictional village of Stonehaven in the Republic of Ireland and deal with the growth of unusual powers linked to the ring of standing stones about which the residents of the village are so secretive.

The first deals with how Eric develops his gift to communicate with computers and the lengths he will go to in the protection of his wife and unborn son once an American corporation try and exploit him for their own purposes.
The second, Fyxer, follows chronologically but can also be read as a stand alone book. In it a teenaged boy, who from childhood has had the near uncanny ability to fix broken toys and the like, nears his majority and tries to seek out more information about his birth parents after finding that he had been adopted shortly after birth.
The same corporation as in Lynker has a vested interest in stopping any further growth in his abilities unless it is under their control and the perverted assassin from book one is reactivated to deal with matters.

There are more stand-alone books like The Unit, Time After Time, and Maven which are a mix of mystery, suspense, sex and the supernatural while Maven introduces a computer literate Jewish vampire.

Coming soon is Maven 2 in which the origin of what has saved Daniel but converted him into a vampire is explored together with the implications of stolen power. It too will be just £0.99

All of these would make great companions for a quiet evening relaxing in front of a warm fire while it rains, or hopefully snows, outside.

For children there is The Christmas Tale of Sam the Squirrel. Sam was born somewhat different to the other babies in his litter as he did not get the instinctive ability to do all of the things that they could. Instead he has to learn everything from tree climbing to nut gathering for himself.
At last, however, as Sam learns that the winter to come will be longer and colder than ever before, his hard won knowledge and skills are used to save all of his family and the other squirrels in their community.
For any parent with a child who needs to gain confidence in themselves this would be a lovely story to read and share with them.

For those interested in the Author as well as the Books
I grew up with a love of the seaside and a desire to write so it was natural to come back here and indulge myself in both areas. With a slowly growing disability I have managed to use the odd, and rather infrequent, good hours to some purpose to put together and publish these books which are mostly of the mystery / supernatural type although humour and the growth of adult sexual relationships form key elements.
On the Amazon site you will find far more details of the books so that you can choose one you will enjoy and, hopefully come back to read the sequel or another volume.
The seven novels are aimed at adults and explore the growth of relationships against various backdrops including the supernatural, thriller and vampire traditions.
The best first books to try first - my opinion?

I would suggest that you try Time After Time or The Unit as these are all stand-alone books (so far) although Time After Time has been asking me to write it a sequel.
Alternatively one of the first books in any of the three series - perhaps Lynker or Found, or Maven.

If it is for your children then definitely "Sam the Squirrel" as I think that both of you will enjoy it immensely. Again Sam is asking me for more of his story to be told and since autumn is coming I hope to find the time for my furry friend.

For full details and more extensive descriptions of all of the books please visit - my website http://www.amazon.com/R_Stoker/e/B00BVPLI3G/

View my website http://www.amazon.com/R_Stoker/e/B00BVPLI3G/

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