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My Books

This is a place about my books and, briefly, what they are about. Later, as I guess
all authors do, I will go into why I felt the need to write them and what I wanted
to see out of them as a writer and as a person.

Thank you to my additional 437 readers who obtained a copy of "Time After Time" FREE from Amazon.

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Many thanks and do let me know how you enjoyed your reading.

Time After Time
Greg Whately was a typical teenage boy when his father’s fiancé got a new job
and inherits a major legacy, a large old house way out in the country, from an #elderly man that her parents had always described as an Uncle. Investigating
why the house should contain a very high powered computer and have basement windows but no apparent basement, Greg and his girlfriend Elizabeth rapidly
discover a trail of ghostly intrigue stretching back more than three hundred
Once opened the basement is found to contain a strange machine and books
on the supernatural which had always thought to be fiction. As Greg and
Elizabeth attempt to unravel the mysteries that surround the house and its
previous occupant they become inextricably bound up with both the past
and the future as they try to understand what has been going on. As events
move to their climax with the once in a lifetime star conjunction the key
questions quickly become “How will the past affect their growing love?”
and, more importantly “Will any of them survive?”
Time After Time blends a healthy view of growing relationships, both young
and older, with the battle against barely understood supernatural forces in
an exciting and powerful drama.

For me this was a way to take a genre which I thought had probably been done
to death and see what happened to it in more modern times and with characters
who treated everything with a far more healthy dose of skepticism and who better than a pair of teenagers in love?

Like all of my books the price, for reasons best known to Amazon, pops up in US$.
The equivalent, depending on the day, is roughly £1.99 so even if you hate it you have not lost too much.

When you do find you like it then we have shared something we both enjoyed - me in the writing of it and you as the reader. Not bad for under two quid now, is it?

For more information visit http://www.amazon.com/R-Stoker/e/B00BVPLI3G/

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