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Rachael Bennett

Artist’s statement
I am interested in the luminal spaces within landscape; my work is descriptive of form, light and place in an atmospheric way. I want to convey a sense of a scene from which it is possible to find a personal space and interpretation from within.
The materials and the image that is formed are integral, one makes the other. It is an agonising and radical process as I wait for the work to come together, an effect to emerge or disappear before I can make my next decision.
In the card pieces in particular I often reconstruct but never restart, I like using complete boxes including the lid, I only redistribute its material not its shape. Although changed by the material processes used and my story implied the original content and luminal spaces remain.
After finishing my degree I ran my own textile design business, producing designs and concepts for the home furnishing market, selling worldwide (1977-2001) During those years I lectured at foundation and degree level in several universities. Between 1996 and 2002 I undertook art therapy, psychodynamic counselling and PGCE training and qualification, I now teach art in a special school alongside my personal practice.

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Telephone: 01626 774 474
Email: rachaelannab@aol.com
Website: http://www.rachaelbennettpaintings.com/

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