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Young Female Actor Needed for Production at Exeter Phoenix

Young Female Actor Needed for Production at Exeter Phoenix


Random Acts Theatre is seeking an adolescent female actor to fill the role of ‘Robin’ in its forthcoming production of Steven Fechter’s The Woodsman. The character is meant to be near-to-twelve years old, though older actors (15-16) with a younger appearance will be strongly considered and in many cases preferable.

While not requiring the performer to be placed in a compromising position in any sense, it should be noted that the material is of a sensitive, adult nature dealing with a recently released sex offender attempting to acclimate to society following a twelve-year prison sentence. Auditions and rehearsals will be approached with particular delicacy and consideration for the feelings and wellbeing of the young actor.

It is worth mentioning that we have been having some trouble casting this role as theatre schools are reluctant to pass on an opportunity with such weighty subject matter. However, it is our belief as a company that this would be a brilliant opportunity for a young person who is serious about working as a professional actor, in a role in which they can truly communicate something. The role itself only involves two scenes with no physical contact or explicit language. We already have a cast of strong professional actors who will provide a comfortable, welcoming environment.

The Woodsman was adapted into a 2004 film of the same name and has been lauded by many and the recipient of several awards and nominations. This will be the second staging of the play in The UK and done with the favourable endorsement of its highly established playwright and director. In being this is an invaluable opportunity for a young aspiring actor to gain experience in with a professional theatre company with a long established reputation of excellence.

The production is taking place at the Exeter Phoenix at the beginning of February.

Auditions will be conducted on an individual basis through mid-January; all enquiries of interest or clarification should be sent to Kate Wilson at audiencedevelopment@randomactstheatre.org. All who might recommend actors appropriate for this role are likewise encouraged to send response.

For more information visit http://www.randomactstheatre.org/

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