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Rattle and Thud defines an ever growing group of super talented artists based in and around Huddersfield. The musical styles range from enchanting and soft to dramatic and explosive. Always expressive and creative, you'll be taken on a journey through the minds of some of West Yorkshire's hidden talent.

View my website http://www.rattleandthud.uk/

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Telephone: 07712 455 843
Email: sam@rattleandthud.uk
Website: http://www.rattleandthud.uk/

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Rattle and Thud - New Team Member / <span itemprop="startDate" content="2015-05-21T00:00:00Z">Thu 21 May 2015</span>Rattle and Thud - New Team Member / Thu 21 May 2015

Rattle and Thud are looking for people to join the team. We are a small organisation dedicated to supporting local music and art in Huddersfield. Currently we make videos, podcasts and have an online radio & a website ...

Artist Callout / <span itemprop="startDate" content="2016-01-12T00:00:00Z">Tue 12 Jan 2016</span>Artist Callout / Tue 12 Jan 2016

Rattle and Thud are always on the look out for new artists to promote. If you have a talent/skill that can be put on a video, we are the people to video it. For absolutely no cost to you we will shoot a video with ...