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Sam White / News / Sat 14 May 2011

Pinhole Pedallers are go

Pinhole Pedallers are go

This summer the Pinhole Pedallers will be touring the South West to give new views of the landscape through the mesmerising projections of a pinhole camera big enough to climb inside. In it’s most basic form, a pinhole camera is a light tight space with a pinhole (or simple lens) installed on one side. It’s really simple – light enters through the lens and throws an image on the opposite wall of the space – an inverted and entrancing live projection of the outside world.
Participants will be invited within the camera itself to explore the image in their own way – drawing, painting, filming, photographing… amassing a large body of work made by the public that together will contribute to a constantly evolving online exhibition promoted through social networking and online blogs. This is to culminate in a more physical, real world exhibition in the local area.

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