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Sara Hurley / News / Mon 09 Jul 2012

Ilsham Primary 1

Ilsham Primary 1

We went to Ilsham Primary today. We were another exciting activity for year 6 to do right at the end of term. Here are a few of thier stories from Day 1. The class had been learning about King Solomon and his legenadry wisdom. That inspired me to tell the story of Solomon's Ring. Solomon send his faithful , if arrogant, servant on an impossible mission to find the ring that makes the happy person sad and the sad person happy. I told it in the context of choice and change.

I like drawing like Nick Sharrat,
Plus, I wasn’t good when I was little.
I’ve always liked doing arty things,
Plus, you can just draw in bed.
I have a quirky sense of illustration,
Plus, I never add eyebrows.

“I like Sanjana’s drawings as they’re really detailed. They’re unique in a way. Different. No-one else draws like her.”

I see myself wearing really high heels and fancy clothes and holding a pen and paper. I’m going into a swanky building, getting in a lift and seeing a world famous author. She likes my swanky clothes and my pictures and I illustrate for her. I get published. She asks me to do it again. I get paid and buy myself the best, Swiss, colour pencils.

I’m doing a healthy side
Oranges, pears and bananas
I like that kind of food.

I don’t always eat healthy
My favourite is strawberries
With sugar and chocolate on

It came to mind when
I was at home last night and
My mum offered me a strawberry

It made me feel
Like heaven, dreamy,
It was so nice.

When I’m older I want to have a fruit tree
So I don’t have to buy fruit and
If my mum needs it I can find her some.

Every Saturday I make myself fried egg on toast
I just like the taste really. I like cooking it myself.

I like to go kayaking and sailing
I like to be in the sea
All year round
I go every day
My grandma’s got a sweet shop
by the sea, she sells rock
All year round
I go every day
I’m always down the harbour
With my cousins
I go every single day.

I’m training to be an Olympic swimmer in breast stroke.
I go Wednesday night, Saturday mornings and Fridays.
I enjoy sport and I’m good at it.
Apparently because I’ve got big feet, I’m a size 5 ½.
I was born in the water and generally I like it.
Swimming’s harder than riding through the air
Because you have to pull something back.
Breast stroke’s like a froggy stroke.
Butterfly’s actually hard, but it doesn’t sound it.
Breast stroke I’m best at, I enjoy it.

I love fruit
I’m a fruit bat
I eat it every day.

Snack time
Lunch time
Get home time
And After tea.

My favourite fruit
is dragon fruit.
It’s strange but nice.

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