St Albans Cathedral

St Albans Cathedral St Albans Cathedral

St Albans Cathedral is a great place to visit for the whole family – whatever the weather! From the longest nave in England and an extensive collection of medieval wall paintings, to an exciting programme of activities and events and a brand new interactive exhibition with artefacts, audio visuals and an exciting digital tour of the Cathedral.

The history of St Albans Cathedral is rich and, over the centuries, this magnificent building has undergone several transformations. Step inside and you’ll find awe inspiring reminders of the Cathedral’s past as well as the inspiring story at its heart. These include the Shrine of St Alban, a site of national pilgrimage which has been a focal point for visitors and pilgrims alike for over 1700 years. The Nave of St Albans Cathedral is the longest in the country which, at 85 metres long, displays a striking selection of medieval wall paintings, one of the most extensive collections surviving today. Not only is the inside of the Cathedral, with its vast expanses of space and secluded, intimate chapels, it is located in the middle of acres of tranquil parkland, meaning that the Cathedral and surroundings is an oasis of calm just a short walk from the bustling market town of St Albans and a short train ride away from the frantic pace of central London.

Open daily 8.30am - 5.30pm

Price: no entry fee but a donation is suggested.

Guided Tours
The Cathedral has a team of trained volunteer Guides who welcome visitors, lead formal tours and are available to provide information.

Please visit our website to find out what we offer.

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