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Loving Angels Instead?

Loving Angels Instead?

One in three Britons believe they have a guardian angel. One in ten reports seeing an angel.
Yet the same surveys show just one in four describing themselves as religious. Have angels, traditionally God’s messengers, become the message itself? Writer and broadcaster Peter Stanford latest book explores both the history of angels in our religions and cultures, and their current soaring popularity in an age that likes to describe itself as secular, sceptical and scientific.

For more information and reviews about Angels: A Visible and Invisible History, or to purchase a copy of this book, please visit Peter Stanford’s author website.

Image: Peter Stanford by Mykel Nicolaou

Speaker: Peter Stanford, Writer, Journalist and Broadcaster

Date & Time: Thursday 25 March, 7.30-9pm

Cost: £10 (students £6)

Venue: Online via Zoom

If you’d like to attend the event but are not free to join us live, please do buy a ticket and you’ll receive the joining details (in case your plans change) and an email detailing how to get in touch for a recording of the talk.

Joining on Zoom on the night

As this talk will be hosted over Zoom, participants will need access to a device which has audio in order to be able to hear. You can also join by dialling in using a telephone, but won't be able to see the speaker or any visual aids.

Instructions for joining the talk will be sent via email between 5-5.30pm on the day of the event. If you have not received these details by 5.30pm, please call 01727 890205.

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