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Teatro Adult theatre classes / News / Fri 23 Sep 2022

Exciting opportunity to be creative using professional theatre t

Exciting opportunity to be creative using professional theatre t

Teatro is a fun, rewarding and exhilarating way to build confidence, explore new and interesting ideas and make friends using the fascinating medium of theatre.
The classes, run by RSC actor and director Alan Gill, are broad in nature to encompass a wide spectrum of people from differing backgrounds and experience. The approach to performance is about finding oneself and opening up areas for change and personal development. It is about using theatre in order to boost confidence, interpersonal skills, teamwork, and self-awareness.
Above all it is supportive and enabling. About having fun! Allowing yourself to be free and a bit of child again. In the early stages, we play a lot of games in order to get to know each other better and break down a few barriers. Later on, in the second term, we move into Stanislavski work and improvisation and finally we perform a very informal showing of short acting scenes.
Classes on Monday’s 7.30 - 9.00pm The Hamblin Centre, Main Road, Bosham PO18 8PJ
Beginners welcome, for ages 17 years to 100. Spaces limited.
For more details and to book a place please contact: info@teatrotheatreschool.com

For more information visit http://www.teatrotheatreschool.com/

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Hamblin Centre

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Telephone: 07807 199 263
Email: info@teatrotheatreschool.com
Website: http://www.teatrotheatreschool.com/

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