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The coronavirus pandemic and restrictions have had a serious impact on many people’s lives. Normally, TAAG and its Arts and Well-Being services would be looking to help those in need. However, when the pandemic hit, TAAG was already closed and in the middle of fundraising to buy their building to expand the community facility. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity that TAAG has worked towards for ten years. We have already raised £95k, thanks to the generosity of our supporters but we still need to raise at least another £60k to allow us to complete the purchase and carry out essential work before opening again. We are aware that asking for donations at his time might appear insensitive but we have no choice. We have had to commit to buying it now so the Arts and Community Centre will be there for future generations”.
As a result, TAAG has now set up a crowdfunder and is appealing to supporters and to potential givers with an interest in Arts and Well-Being to help raise that £60k, to complete the purchase. We are relying upon support from those who can afford it and with your help, when this crisis is over, TAAG will be there to continue the community arts and wellbeing services that volunteers have successfully provided for the last ten years”.
Our Crowdfunder page has a link to our appeal video:

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