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WBLOS Stage Equipment

WBLOS Stage Equipment

WBLOS have the following equipment, props and costumes available, and are keen to share information and resources with local groups for everyone's benefit! If you are after something that is not on the list but you think we might have, just get in touch.

Lots of costumes!
Clothes for sound of music children
Nuns habits
Panto costumes of various kinds
Follow spot
12 modern stools, 50cm high, black with grey legs
2 x black steps, same height as blocks
4 child beds (originally for Annie)
7 music stands
Bar, 120cm high, 120cm long, 50cm deep
Chair on wheels
Fridge on wheels
Many flats including door flats
Plastic flowers
Stretcher (as in for carrying people)
Various benches
Various tables
White picket fencing, 50cm high
Wooden trolley on wheels, 100cm height x 100cm x 50cm
Lots of props!
3 music stands
Blocks – 2x(4x4), 2x(2x6), 2x(2x4)
Steps that go with blocks

For more information visit http://www.wblos.org.uk/

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