Year of Culture 2020

Year of Culture 2020 a showcase of cultural activity

Hertfordshire Year of Culture 2020 is a year to showcase Hertfordshire as a county of creative and cultural opportunity.

The campaign is being led by the Hertfordshire Association of Cultural Officers (HACO) and we are encouraging organisations and individuals from across the sector to get involved.

Five broad objectives have been identified to support the year:

- Celebrate, share and explore Hertfordshire's arts, culture and heritage
- Enable access and participation in arts, culture and heritage for new audiences
- Increase wellbeing and a sense of belonging through arts, culture and heritage
- Showcase pathways to education, employment and enterprise in creative and cultural industries
- Create new partnerships and new work through skill sharing and new ways of working

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The Hertfordshire Year of Culture evaluation, exploring the impact of arts and cultural activities on the well-being of individuals who are lonely or socially isolated, is now underway. However, we are still looking for ...