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Young People's Puppet Theatre is recruiting Project Leaders

Young People's Puppet Theatre is recruiting Project Leaders

The Young People's Puppet Theatre is looking for project leaders!

We welcome applications from anywhere in or around Hertfordshire.

Time commitment:
On our standard primary project, the timetable is 3 hours/week September-February, then 2 weeks in May-July for rehearsals and performances. The total time commitment is 120-150 hours for a standard school project, all of which except the performances is during school hours. However, we also run projects on other schedules.

Project leaders will earn £2,500 per project. It is possible for project leaders to lead more than one project in the same year.

Qualities/experience required:
Some classroom experience is preferred but not necessary, along with an affinity for if not experience in teaching art and/or drama. The projects include clay, painting, drawing, woodwork and sewing and the project leader will need to be confident in all of these fields at the time of the project. New project leaders will have full training and support.

If you are interested, you can find out more and download an application form at

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