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C3 -The Considerate Card Company / C3 - The Considerate Card Company

C3 -The Considerate Card Company

C3 - The Considerate Card Company

Hand Drawn Original Cards Hi, my name is Lisa Dionne. I am an artist and illustrator living in Cornwall. I provide clients with special, personalised cards and artwork. I have developed a very unique and iconic style fo.....Read more

cabbage tree studio

cabbage tree studio

Cabbage Tree Studio is base for Claire Harmer. Claire juggles creative explorations (currently illustration and painting) in her studio at Seale-Hayne with her part-time job as a community teacher...Read more

Calantha Photography / & Design

Calantha Photography

& Design

Calantha Photography & Design has been made from years of practising, studying and enjoying what I do. Starting many years ago in my Garden taking pictures of flowers, but now have had the pleasure of photographing Ba.....Read more

Calico Heart Bags / Calico Heart Bags

Calico Heart Bags

Calico Heart Bags

Original design handcrafted bags and accessories including household items in a range of matt oilcloths. All bags are lined in a oilcloth making them waterproof inside and out can be made to order or purchased from my s.....Read more

Calling The Shots / Calling The Shots

Calling The Shots

Calling The Shots

We are a Bristol based production company using creative media to engage new audiences and develop talent. Founded in 1998, CTS have a reputation locally and nationally for innovative project design, effective managem.....Read more

Cally Gazzard / Graphic/Print Designer

Cally Gazzard

Graphic/Print Designer

I have recently finished a Diploma in Creative Media, as well as the Gold Art Award, and am just starting up my own business Cally Gazzard Design. I am available for Graphic and Print Design, Photography, Corporate Re-br.....Read more


Graphic Designer

I am a Graphic Designer working for Assembly Studio...Read more

Cameron Shaw


Forty years ago I was given my first plastic camera and took photos of clouds in Scotland. Ever since then, images – the ones I take and the ones I imagine and strive for – are a constant source of distraction and ins.....Read more

Candida Cea Blyth Artist / Earth Artist

Candida Cea Blyth Artist

Earth Artist

Cea Blyth is an artist based in the Ashburn valley on the south side of Dartmoor. Cea is well known for her paintings made using earth pigments. Most recently she has been making small sculptures from cob-a mixture of su.....Read more

Candlelit Dartmouth / Christmas comes early to Dartmouth town

Candlelit Dartmouth

Christmas comes early to Dartmouth town

Candelit Dartmouth's Festive Weekend arrives in town with its unique mix of Christmas markets, a candlelit procession, late-night shopping and, of course, Santa's Spectacular 'Splashdown' arrival in the middle of The Boa.....Read more

Caren Weil

- Creative Person

25 years ago I left college with A levels in Design & History of Art and a BA Hons in Fine Art. I exhibited Junglescape at the Phoenix in Exeter, sold two paintings to friends and was commissioned to paint a horse portra.....Read more

Carl Cashman

Contemporary art

I am a totnes based artists that studied at Dartington College of Arts gaining a BA in Fine Art. I currently work with bold industrrial shapes and colors painted onto un primed natural surfaces. The relationship is like .....Read more



I have been the drummer in a local band The Mobius Strip for 3 years but which is now disbanding. I am currently looking for a new band or group of musicians with whom to jam and gig...Read more

carlota_unexpected sun

Unexpected sun

Hi! My name is Carlota. I’m from Barcelona, Spain, but I’m currently living in Torquay to work as an intern in the Torbay Council’ Art Department. As a way to report my summer experience here in Torquay (and why not? to .....Read more

Caroline Barnard-Smith

Fantasy Fiction Author and Knitwear Designer/Artist

My one-woman business, CazzCraft, is dedicated to creating truly unique gifts and dolls; and awesome, one-of-a-kind clothing. I've been knitting for a few years now and I love to experiment and create my own designs. Re.....Read more

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